Work with us: Looking for character illustrators

Mixed Media Studios
, in 25 July 2015

Right now Mixed Media has been contacted multiple times by people looking to make animations that are in a drawn form. Since we’re structured more for titles and 3d modelling we’ve faced the choice of either having to turn the away or try to hire new artists. Given the frequency of this request we are going ahead with finding character artists. Anyone who thinks they are a good fit is welcome to join our team. Please note that this business is run solely by students looking to gain experience. This is not a job offer so much as it is an opprotunity to gain experience and make a little money on the side. We are really looking for someone who is:

If you think you are this person please feel free to email us. Just send us a bit of your work and what you can do. We’ll be happy to send you any work we think best suits your abilities.