Website Improvements

Owen Walters
, in 12 September 2015

We’ve been making a number of improvements to this website since it first went up. I’ve been the primary web developer and in case there’s anyone else interested in website development. This site is powered by Jekyll on GitHub Pages. We chose this because it was fully customizable as we can write our own markup but also host it for free. Free hosting wasn’t something we were actually looking for, but it certainly won us over. We used a template called Thinny which we’ve heavily modified and improved based off the feedback of our website’s users. If you look at his version you can see everything we’ve done. Some of the recent imrpovements I’ve been making are:

…and probably more as I continue updating. Feel free to check out how I accomplished these features by looking at our source code. Github builds directly from this source repo so it’ll always be current. Finally, feel free to contact me for any web design or of course motion design that you’ll need done.